How Many Days Does Cyprus IVF Treatment Take?

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As Cyprus IVF Treatment Center, our hospital offers the most effective treatment option for individuals with infertility problems and increases the chance of pregnancy to higher levels. IVF is generally preferred when other treatments do not work. Our specialist doctors and team with international experience will be your consultants.

In particular, assisted reproductive technology devices in our IVF clinic have the latest technology infrastructure and have been developed to get the most effective results.

It should not be forgotten that; However, not every couple may be suitable for IVF treatment. For this reason, candidate couples are first given a health screening and information is given.

If our Cyprus IVF Doctor approves the IVF option for you, a treatment process consisting of many stages will be waiting for you. The content of the treatment consists of the fertilization of mature eggs collected from the ovaries with sperm in the laboratory environment. Then the fertilized egg (embryo) is transferred to the uterus.

The treatment takes an estimated 1 month, but sometimes the stages are divided into different parts and the process may take longer. Depending on the performance of the team at the IVF center and the motivation of the expectant mother, the probability of success depends on many factors, such as age and the cause of infertility.

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In order to have an idea about Cyprus IVF method first of all, infertility You can get the necessary information about the treatment in our hospital. Medicines, needles, etc. you will use. You will be informed about the whole issue.

Our Cyprus IVF Center Hospital (Girne IVF ~ IVF) with its international academic experience in the fields of in vitro fertilization, fertility, gynecology and especially obstetrics continues to serve.

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