What are the conditions in Cyprus IVF treatment?

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In some cases, especially if married couples do not have a chance to conceive within 1 year during the relationship, infertility is mentioned in such cases, meanwhile infertility is called infertility in the medical language, you will see this definition a lot in most of our articles.

If patients with infertility cannot conceive in normal ways, if pregnancy does not occur after most medical or simple treatments, in vitro fertilization treatment remains the only option. Features Applications to our IVF center in Cyprus are increasing day by day.

The most common findings among patients who will undergo IVF treatment
Patients with male factor, that is, low sperm motility or low sperm count, also

have ovulation problems or

There are patients with low egg reserve and decreased egg number.

Unfortunately, poor living conditions are irreversibly affected by genetics and age.

In some genetic diseases; There may be no sperm in the man, or if his partner has patients with a family history of low egg levels, these are factors that affect the probability of egg deficiency. If there is an early menopause condition in the family, it poses a risk for egg reduction.

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In order to have an idea about Cyprus IVF method first of all, infertility You can get the necessary information about the treatment in our hospital. Medicines, needles, etc. you will use. You will be informed about the whole issue.

Our Cyprus IVF Center Hospital (Girne IVF ~ IVF) with its international academic experience in the fields of in vitro fertilization, fertility, gynecology and especially obstetrics continues to serve.

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